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Spirited conversation at the intersection of community, technology and shared living.
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CEO and co-founder of Obeyo, Michael Steinmann

Listen to your shared living peers

Rooftalks Live

Thought-leaders of the coliving industry joined for an inspiring conversation about community building

#rooftalks 7 with Leah Ziliak, The Coliving Consultant

Listen to Leah speak about how to create the perfect coliving experience.

Thumbnail for episode 6 with Susan Tjarksen

#rooftalks 6 with Susan Tjarksen, C&W

Listen to Susan speak about how coliving has impacted the broader residential markets.

Thumbnail for episode 5 with Javier Caro

#rooftalks 5 with Javier Caro, CBRE

Listen to Javier speaking about one of the hottest coliving markets: Spain.

Thumbnail for episode 4 with Hazique Memnon

#rooftalks 4 with Hazique Memnon, Coliving Hub

Listen to Hazique speaking about opening a new market and where our industry is headed.

Thumbnail for episode 3 with Florian Farber

#rooftalks 3 with Florian Färber, The BASE

Listen to Florian speaking about his experience about entering coliving at scale.

Thumbnail for episode 2 with Gaetan de Dietrich

#rooftalks 2 with Gaëtan de Dietrich, former hmlet

Listen to Gaëtan speaking about how he got into Coliving & what he learned about communities.

Thumbnail for episode 1 with Brian Lee

#rooftalks 1 with Brian Lee, Commons

Listen to Brian speak about operating coliving at scale and what’s next for him.

Topics we like to talk about

In our podcast we cover following topics

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Securing your first site

How do you secure your first site even without any network or connections into the industry? (Rooftalks #3 with Florian Färber)

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Activate your community

How do you bring your community to life in particular when you operate at scale and no-one knows each other. (Rooftalks #2 with Gaëtan de Dietrich)

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The future of coliving

What’s the future holding in store for our industry - and how does that differ in different parts of the world? (Rooftalks #4 with Hazique Memnon)

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Coliving and investing

How do you get your foot into the door when you are looking to raise your first investment? (Rooftalks #5 with Javier Caro)

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Scaling your coliving

How do scale from 5 to 50 to 500 rooms and more? What are the challenges and how can you conquer those? (Rooftalks #1 with Brian Lee)

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The perfect coliving experience

How do you create the perfect coliving experience and how do you create a strong community? (Rooftalks #7 with Leah Ziliak)

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Coliving and BTR

How does Coliving influence the wider residential living ecosystem? What can BTR or multifamily learn from Coliving? (Rooftalks #6 with Susan Tjarksen)

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Your burning questions

Do you have any burning questions you’d like us to answer, or guests you’d like us to invite? Contact us, and we’ll make it happen!

Rooftalks - The Podcast

Spirited conversations at the intersection of community, technology and shared living with those who have done it all.