On a mission to shape the future of shared living.

Michael Steinmann and Steven Aanen, co-founders of Obeyo
Michael Steinmann, co-founder of Obeyo

“Residential operators world-wide are struggling to create a seamless resident journey - too many fragmented touch points lead to broken experiences.”

We are a team of passionate enterpreneurs and community builders with a background in software building, SaaS and Property Technology; What unites us is our believe that vibrant residential communities are the key to helping operators and their residents thrive through unlocking the untapped potential around social well-being, shared services and economies of scale.

To create a product that truly brings communities to life and leverages it for business growth, we have spent the better part of a year to deeply understand community engagement in a residential setting. During our research, we spoke  to over 100+ residential operators to fully understand both the good practices and their biggest  challenges.

a lobby of a co living building
Steven Aanen, co-founder of Obeyo

Today, we believe that a an outstanding living experience is only possible through a single touch point solution - one that is carefully integrated with other technology partners you already love to use.

As the shared living space grows more competitive, we see that the that resident experience has become an important differentiating factor.

With that, removing barriers between systems and residents makes the difference between a temporary accommodation and a thriving, self-sustaining community. We are all about creating invisible systems that run in the background of your shared living residence, so that you can focus on the human aspect of the experience.

We are grateful to our partners and customers that we found along the way, and the continuous support we keep receiving from within the industry.

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