Redefining the Tenant Experience: Obeyo's Manifesto

In an ever-evolving world of technology, innovation, and rising consumer expectations, Obeyo sets out to redefine the meaning of tenant experience.

Steven Aanen and Michael Steinmann, co-founders of Obeyo

Michael and Steven at the Obeyo office in Rotterdam.

We believe that in today's world, premium amenities and building features alone aren't enough to differentiate the tenant experience.
The true distinction lies in the experience created for each resident and how the operator succeeds in activating their residents and their spaces to forge friendships and create lasting memories. This is what Obeyo is all about; creating tools for buildings, property managers and tenants in order to create seamless, efficient, and enjoyable living environments.
This manifesto outlines our core values, beliefs, and guiding principles on our journey to create the ultimate shared living and operating experience.

1. Creating A Single Digital Touchpoint

At Obeyo, we recognise how people want to live has changed, as they come to expect to navigate life through the touch of their finger. To cater to these changed needs, we provide tenants with easy access to information, streamlined communication, and personalized services through a single digital touchpoint, our tenant app. To create the ultimate seamless experience for your tenants and team, we integrate with a comprehensive ecosystem of technology partners, e.g., for digital access control, IoT devices, property management, and other resident services.

Two young women smiling and looking at a smartphone app

Using apps helps younger generations to connect

2. Fostering a Sense of Belonging

We firmly believe shared living addresses many of the world's challenges, such as skyrocketing housing costs, inflation, urban isolation, and a need for a more sustainable way of living. That is why we are dedicated to creating a platform that tackles these challenges and boosts the core of shared living promises: With Obeyo, we create vibrant and engaging environments by facilitating connections among tenants, enabling collaborative experiences, and creating opportunities to forge new friendships. This results in a strong sense of belonging even beyond the actual stay.

a shared living operator showing building amenities on an iPad to a shared living resident

Connecting residents leads to longer stays and higher satisfaction levels.

3. Building Community Bottom-Up

We believe a thriving community is the ultimate proof of an outstanding tenant experience and are convinced that the way to get there is bottom-up, facilitating one personal connection at a time. Giving the opportunity for tenants to connect with like-minded people will help them have a good time. Also, this gives valuable insights, leading to additional monetization opportunities as your app becomes a powerful segmentation, marketing and sales tool.

Guide to Running and scaling thriving residential communities

Learn from over 40 shared living operators on how to build a thriving community.

4. Creating a Self-Serviced Tenant Journey

We understand that time is valuable for your tenants and your team. Our all-in-one platform simplifies the tenant experience by offering a comprehensive suite of self-service tools. From easy onboarding into the community, over-filing, and following up on maintenance requests to self-service support, they can all be managed with our platform. Our ultimate goal is to make renting seamless, enjoyable, and stress-free - for the tenants and the property management team.

a coliving operator managing the property on a iPad app

Service-service improves tenant satisfaction and speed to resolution.

5. Driving Data-Driven Insights

We recognise that valuable data about your tenants’ experiences are often inaccessible. By breaking down data silos, we strive to unlock these insights into your tenants’ needs, preferences, and space usage patterns. Feeding this information back into your decision-making process will help with marketing and programming decisions, further optimize the layout of your future projects, or spot additional revenue opportunities.

Steven Aanen, CTO of Obeyo

Over coming data silos is critical for deeper insights into tenant experience.

6. Delivering a Highly Engaging Product

We believe that the success of any tenant experience platform is deeply linked to developing an engaging product your tenants love to use. We set out to create the most sticky product in the market that draws your tenants back in through social activities, notifications, and smart building interactions. Here, we believe, lies one of the biggest opportunities to turn the Obeyo app into one of the few go-to apps your residents use daily.

Demo of Obeyo platform for better tenant experience

Request a demo and learn how our believes are guiding our product decisions.

7. Committed to Continuous Improvement

We believe innovation is the key to success, particularly in the fast-moving tech space.
We are committed to continuously improving our platform by listening to user feedback, adapting to industry trends, and implementing new features and functionalities that enhance the tenant experience. We will keep working with select customers as design partners and are committed to sharing our learnings and insights with the industry through articles, white papers, and case studies that help the field evolve.

a quote on problem-solving by Michael Steinmann

Join our mission

Like this, Obeyo is more than just a tenant experience platform—it's a movement toward creating the ultimate shared living experience. We invite you to join us in redefining the tenant experience and transforming how we live, work, and connect in our communities. Together, we can create a world where everyone has a place they love to call home.

Curious to hear more? Send us a message or request a personal demo today.

Obeyo Founders: Sharon Klaver, Michael Steinmann, Steven Aanen and Michael van Lier

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