The tenant experience platform for shared living

Obeyo is a platform for operators that streamlines processes and centralises all tenant engagement

Declutter your shared living processes and communication - Too many touch points lead to a broken experience.

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Manage your shared living operations the smart way.

Save  30% of your team’s time

Centralise communication and answer resident inquiries automatically so your team can deliver hands-on customer service, instead of wasting time on repetitive questions.

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Drive 40% longer stays

Empower your residents to bond over shared interests, and contribute to building a self-sustaining community, which drives retention and longer stays.

Unlock brand value

67% of residents say they’ll pay more for a great experience. This is where your brand comes in, which can now be extended through your digital environment.

Create the ultimate resident experience with Obeyo.

Tenant mobile app

The single touchpoint for all tenant interactions. Centralise chats, social networks, organise events and control your smart building.

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Operations dashboard

Streamline operations across the full resident lifecycle, be on top of communications, and integrate with your back-office.

Partner ecosystem

Seamlessly synchronise with your back-office, integrate with access control and let tenants experience your smart building features.