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The first all-in-one co-living operating system that covers you from onboarding to tenant management, access control to ticket handling, marketing to community building, and beyond.
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Covid-19 has disrupted the world and the renters’ mindset. With long-term commitments and high fixed costs becoming less attractive, people are ditching single accommodation in favour of co-living at a rapid pace.

But Covid-19 only accelerated a trend that has already been there. While landlords historically just provided space, people are now asking for a lot more. Just providing more amenities in buildings isn’t going to do it anymore; your residents want you to bring these spaces to life.

Say hi to smart, engaging and predictive living

Meet Obeyo, the first all-in-one co-living operating system. Forget about outdated design, cumbersome user experience and silos of tech. With Obeyo you offer services as a convenience, and allow your residents to connect with your brand in emotional experience: smart, engaging and predictive!

Obeyo makes your members’ stay safer and more convenient than ever before. It helps you to transform your entire tenants’ journey digital-first; virtual tours, online booking, digital check-in, onboarding, check-out. It also empowers you to use technology to introduce your members to the community and the life around them; sparking life into your community, bringing your members together and introducing them to places in their surroundings. With our app, your tenants not only open doors but unlock the entire city they now live in.

And you? You are now offering a lifestyle and not just a place to stay. And the best part; now, you are also able to charge for it.

Like this, you can focus on what you love doing most: developing real estate, knowing that you have the tech side covered.

Welcome to the future of housing. Welcome to Obeyo.

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