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Living-as-a-service software platform

We make smart buildings and apartments come to life.

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A smart living-as-a-service software platform

Obeyo is a smooth-running & smart living-as-a-service platform for property developers which connects sensors, cloud computing, smart devices, data and real-time analytics combined with a management dashboard for service partners & property managers.
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Real estate developers
Property managers

Smart feature possibilities

In the near future our homes will no longer be smart but predictive. The spaces around us will respond to our personal preferences and behavior. These are a few possibilities we’re adding to the Obeyo platform.

Get a push notification when you have a visitor. See who’s at the door and let them in with an easy swipe.
Voice control
Control smart devices and scenes with your voice with in-room Alexa or remotely using mobile voice commands.
Information screens
Display availability information for family rooms, sauna’s, swimming pools, parking spots and more.
Mobile key
Enter home with a mobile key and grant access to service partners for selected locks and timeframes.

Want to build the future of residential together?

A living-as-a-service software platform for real estate developers and property managers.
Digitalisation of everything
Today, we can combine new technologies to deliver a new layer of connected intelligence, revolutionising our ability to create exciting and indispensable services.
The new living experience
As living services starts to influence our entire day, our homes will emerge as a hub that centralizes our complex, digital lives.

Obeyo comes with all features included

We’ve also included the needed time for custom integrations, tho we do rely on integration partners.

The remote control for your resident's life

Easily manage living services combined with smart device control at home or from away.
Enter home via mobile key
Order and manage living services
Mobile App for residents

Securely control the beating heart of the platform

Manage living services and monitor smart features through a Management Console for managers & concierges.
Monitor smart features
Mobile key management
Connect living service partners
Management Console for managers & concierges

Living services management

Integrate and manage service partners with a dashboard or directly connect through a secure API.
Integrated dashboard overview
Smart planning and push notifications
Integrate with service partners
API for service partners
Our partners
Make it yours
Let the app and platform carry your branding.
Select your service offering in the resident app.
Select partners to execute service requests.
Determine your pricing for offered services.

Who is Obeyo for?

Obeyo is a platform platform aimed at real estate developers and property managers. Our versatile living-as-a-service software platform can be customised to your organisations preferences.

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