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The first all-in-one co-living operating system that covers you from onboarding to tenant management, access control to ticket handling, marketing to community building, and beyond.
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Your tenants’ needs have changed, but your tech hasn’t. 

Historically landlords have been in the business of providing space. Nowadays,  your residents seek lifestyle and the right living experience and expect you to deliver those.

Your tenant’s needs have changed, but your tech has not - forcing you to work with outdated, separated and cumbersome systems, holding you back in further excelling in your operations. 

Say hi to smart, engaging and predictive living

Meet Obeyo, the first all-in-one co-living operating system. Forget about outdated design, cumbersome user experience and silos of tech. With Obeyo, you offer services convenient and allow your residents to connect with your brand in an emotional experience: smart, engaging and predictive - even before they arrive and even before you are breaking grounds.

Save hours of work in your selection process by easily identifying the right candidates for the vacancies you have. Quickly pull a shortlist of filtered candidates according to your requirements - minimise occupancy gaps, duration of stay, fit with your community, etc.

Easily follow your candidates through your funnel, see who is at risk of dropping out, and follow up with automated messages to keep your candidates moving.

And you? You are now offering a lifestyle and not just a place to stay. And the best part; now, you are also able to charge for it.

Like this, you can focus on what you love doing most: developing real estate, knowing that you have the tech side covered.

Welcome to the future of housing. Welcome to Obeyo.

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