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The first all-in-one coliving operation and member engagement system that frees up your time and creates a buzzing community.
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Do you still remember why you got into operating a coliving business?

If you are any like the 50+ operators we have spoken with so far, chances are that creating a thriving community might have been one of your core drivers. But then reality hit: and you ended up fighting so many operational fires that your team lacks the time to create more of those special moments for your members.

Until now. 

Say hi to smart, engaging and predictive living

Meet Obeyo, the first all-in-one co-living operating and member engagement system. Forget about being bugged down by mundane tasks that can be automated, being constantly fire fighting and your doubts around how to create a truly engaged community. Our platform helps you to:

  • Guide your members to their perfect coliving experience from day one
    Get your members to the right start and let our guided onboarding program do all the leg work for you: from automating the vetting of your members, getting them to provide the needed documents until connecting and introducing themselves to the community. Your onboarding will make you stand out and lay the grounds for higher engagement and lower attrition over your member’s lifetime.
  • Put your members into the driver’s seat
    Empower your members to experience their (coliving) life on their terms: fast-paced, flexible and in the moment. Help your members to create instant experiences, discover who lives around them and enable them to meet like-minded people whenever they feel like it. Like this, you are not only helping your members; your members will also thank you through longer stays and positive word of mouth, helping you lower your acquisition costs. 
  • Free up your team by automating mundane tasks
    Streamline your communications and interactions through our app, fully automate member vetting, benefit from smart maintenance issues tracking and easily gather contractual data and member feedback in one place. This will put you in control and help you reduce operational hassle.
  • Prepare your coliving for scale
    With our community dashboard, you stay in control of your operations. Easily stay on top of upcoming move-ins and move-outs, understand what your community appreciates and keep a close eye on key metrics such as NPS, occupancy and SLAs on tickets raised. This will help you save time and further optimize your operations, all getting you ready for scale!

Obeyo provides your members with the convenience and experience they seek and allows you to build a buzzing community second to none. All through a world-class app co-branded for your coliving operation to make sure your members understand you got them covered!   

And you? You are now offering the experience and the lifestyle to your members that made you enter this business in the first place. And the best part: now, you are not only fulfilling your brands promise but are also able to charge for it. 

Welcome to the future of housing. Welcome to Obeyo.

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