Streamline your operations & engage your residents.

Reduce repetitive communication and tasks with automation, and empower your community to grow and thrive on its own.

Your operations dashboard.

Automate onboarding workflows, centralize communication, and make your knowledge accessible.

Resident Announcements

Broadcast personalised messages to a sub-group of your residents, based on their profile and common attributes.

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Automatic community onboarding

Facilitate connections between like-minded members of your community, even before they set foot on you premises.

Self-service knowledge base

Answer repetitive questions in a central knowledge base and make critical information easily accessible.

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Community insights

Gather deep resident insights to spot your community ‘stars’ and encourage their role as social connectors.

Residents make your buildings come alive

Give your residents the digital space to take over community-building and become your main growth engine.

Key Features.

Our platform helps you create an amazing resident experience without  additional work for your team.

Keep your residents informed

Easily communicate with your residents, using a single tool. Need to send out a maintenance announcement to one of your buildings? Looking to promote additional services to new residents only? Want to invite a subset of your residents to your next yoga event? You can do it all, intuitively, with Obeyo.

Get to know your residents

Track and manage resident requests and communication, keep an overview of their interests and hobbies, and spot the community 'stars', using the Operator dashboard.

Facilitate community knowledge base

Reduce unnecessary service tickets and provide a great community experience by making knowledge easily assessable. Activate your community to help themselves and each other.

Create community on auto-pilot

Unburden your operational team from the responsibility of being the social glue that holds your community together. Instead, give your community the handles to organise events themselves and nudge them to communicate to each other via the app.

Discover our suite of features

We believe understanding your residents’ needs is the key
to any outstanding living experience.

Knowledge base

Create easily available knowledge base articles and make those easily available within the app - integrate those with your existing support flows.

Support options

Activate your residents as your first line of defense, and empower them to help each other and reduce the amount of service questions.


Connect all manuals within the app and link through QR stickers at  places where your residents need them.


Schedule events and keep an eye on which ones are the most popular and promote them through QR codes within your building.

QR deeplinking

Link to key resources right into the app through QR codes and deeplinks, from posters, email or your WhatsApp conversations.

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Explore residents

Provide an interest-based overview of your residents to help them see who else they are living with and might want to meet.

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Rich resident profiles

Allow your residents to introduce themselves to the community, and empower likeminded residents to find and get to know each other.

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Community insights

Get to know your community and utilize that knowledge to further improve your living experience.

Operator announcements

Communicate with a subset of your residents at the push of a button - no matter if maintenance issues, or invitations to events.