Platform for residential communities

Provide an outstanding resident experience, drive engagement and create a thriving community to boost your business’ growth.

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Unleash the power of
your residential community

A thriving community is a company’s most valuable asset as it scales your business
in ways that traditional channels can’t.

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Resident  Management

Follow your residents throughout their journey — from first interest until offboarding, all within the same system.

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Streamline Communication

Keep an overview of your upcoming move-ins and move-outs, as well as available units and easily match with best-qualified candidates.

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Smart Ticketing

Centrally collect and manage service tickets, assign those to your team, all the while keeping your residents in the loop.

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Community Insights

Stay in the know-how of what is happening in your community, and be on top of what needs to be done.

Put your communities on autopilot

Communities are not built top-down. The secret is to empower your residents to build their own tribe.  

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Easy Communication

Introduce residents before their arrival and make them feel home from day 1.

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Smart Recommendations

Help residents identify and connect with like-minded people and make friends for life.

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Meet In The Moment

Life happens in the moment, and your tech should support your residents to experience it this way.  

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Community Insights

Know what is happening within your community, identify your community stars and act accordingly.

Leverage your community to boost your business  

A thriving community means much more to your business than just happy members. It is a reflection of the quality and value of the experience you have created, and if done right, will decrease acquisition and operational costs, while also increasing length of stay, overall satisfaction and profitability.

Discover our suite of features

We believe communication is key to every succesful shared living community

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Resident Directory

Allow your residents to get to know their neighbours by showing them who else is living with you through our Resident Directory and Resident Profiles.

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Resident Onboarding

Ensure your residents experience a soft landing and get to connect with each other even before they arrive through our guided resident onboarding.

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Structured Communication

Empower your residents to connect around their shared interests in dedicated channels, and communicate with your residents through our app.

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“Meet right now” Encounters

Allow your residents  to join and organise their own spontaneous activities, create unforgettable moments and bring your building to life.

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Community Dashboard

Keep a finger on the pulse of your community: what activites are most popular, whoyour community stars are and what the business value of your community is.

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Smart Recommendations

Get your residents to connect with the right people and help them create new friendships and business connections for life!

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Ready For Scale

Obeyo is fully scalable, comes with multilingual capabilities and does not have any limitations on the number of communities, residents, or team members you can add.

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iOS and Android App

Obeyo comes with a fully integrated iOS and Android App and is available on both the App Store and the Playstore.